Sunday, December 16, 2007

As Good As It Gets

Today I shook Jack Nicholson's hand. Just another day on the job. He also told me Merry Christmas (whilst ignoring my questions). Then he grumbled and faked his way down the rest of the carpet.

I also talked to Morgan Freeman and had a moment - several actually - with Rob Reiner. THE Rob Reiner. The "When Harry Met Sally," "The Sure Thing," "A Few Good Men" and "Sleepless in Seattle" Rob Reiner. I was there when his BFF since high school Al Brooks walked up. I suggested the two of them do a movie together. Rob loved the idea. I hope he gives me a story credit.

More fun came when Sean Hayes of "Just Jack" fame answered my red carpet call despite being rushed into the theater. His publicist was all "one question" and Sean looked at me and said "the pressure's on" with a smile. He stayed for three questions.

For the record, I also talked to John Mayer and got caught pointing at Billy Billy Crystal.

I haven't written in a bit and missed mentioning the Golden Globes nominations.

Things I liked:
all the props to Pushing Daisies
the Juno nods
Ryan Gosling recognized

I'm sure there were other things. Like I think Knocked Up/Judd Apatow coulda shoulda been up for something. That's what comedy categories are for, old white men of the Foreign Press Association.

I was obviously very upset about the gross infraction that was leaving Once off the entire board. Nominating "Walk Hard" as an original song only put salt in the wound.

As kharma would have it, I was sent that morning (this past Thursday) to get reax from John C Reilly. I waited an hour and a half at the Four Seasons for him to wake up. Finally we were pulled off the assignment. I guess he really needed to sleep in or something. On the upside, I did get to see the Four Seasons decked out for the holidays, which is always lovely. As is the sight of James McAvoy's publicist. Yum. And British. I saw James too, and he's nice, but I'm not really attracted to him. Yes, even despite the wedding ring. Shocker I know.

I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" Thursday night. Mostly because it wasn't. I heart Jimmy Stewart. I also realized I'm my daddy's Zuzu.

"What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary."

I'll take it. Thanks George Bailey.

It should be noted I've consumed a good portion of a bag of reduced fat cheese puffs from Trader Joes over the last hour or so. I don't think it's reduced fat if you eat the whole bag.

Friday night I saw "27 dresses." It's the new Katherine Heigl movie and it's SO bad. I'm fairly certain that as an almost-30 single girl who dreams about wedding bells and babies (let's get serious, it's the truth) I am the target demographic for this film. So if I don't like it, that's saying something. Katherine Heigl and Malin Akerman weren't likeable at all. I liked James Marsden. Mostly because I'm still on an Enchanted buzz. Ed Burns is also pretty to look at. Especially in a tux. And I'm always a fan of Judy Greer. But it says something that the highlight of the movie for me was hearing an amazing song playing in the background.

It happens quite frequently when I'm watching a movie or tv show (or commercial!) that I'll hear a lyric or a part of a song and fall in love and have to google it immediately. When the movie was over, the first thing I said after "ugh" was "but I loved that one song!!" Now I've been told frequently that I have no poker face. My facial expressions hold the truth. Well Emily was sitting behind me at the movie and she said that when the song came on. She knew I liked it, because my face lit up and she knows me well enough to know that I would like a song like Ray Lamontagne's Be Here Now. (It took me the two days since seeing the movie to remember enough of the lyrics to successfully find it on Google.)

In closing, thumbs down for 27 Dresses, thumbs up for Ray Lamontagne.

I also saw Alvin!!! and the Chipmunks. Don't laugh. It sold out all weekend because I wasn't the only one who wanted to see it. Singing chipmunks are funny. I couldn't stop laughing at the opening scene. It's amazing. The rest of the movie is ok. Definitely has it's funny parts. Also of note is the mint green Kitchenaid mixer in the kitchen. After the movie ended, a boy who looked to be 2 or 3 took to the floor in front of the screen and danced during the credits. He was doing these hip circle hula moves that had people sitting back down in their seats for the show. Super cute.

Finally, Hairspray. I watched it. I liked it. I think it was original enough in parts to not make me hate it for trying to copy the Ricki Lake version. I didn't enjoy John Travolta as a woman, but I got past it.

I'm going to see Sweeney Todd this week. I'm a little nervous it will be too gorey for me, but I gotta try. I'm also going to help my friends remodel their basement on the HGTV show Carter Can with Carter Oosterhouse. I hear he likes hi-5s. Yes please.

And then I'll be heading home for Christmas. 4 Christmases to be exact. I get in late Friday and it's Christmas every day until I leave. They're under a new blanket of snow, so it will be a residual white Christmas barring any Indian Summer temps.

No clue for NYE. Contemplating Austin or Portland. Wishing London prices could be more manageable.

I can't believe there's only a couple of weeks left of 2007. Two weeks before I have to start using an earpiece for my phone in the car. Two weeks before I have to start marathon training and eating better. Two weeks before I have to save up to make a big purchase lest suffer another year of giving more than a third - almost a half - of my gross earnings to the government. (If I knew fractions better I could give you a more precise estimation, but my government-funded education has not stuck with me.) Grrr. Government.

And on that note, I'll retire to bed to continue reading my book about Bobby Kennedy.

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