Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In anything you can do, I can do sluttier and more white trash news...

Jamie Lynn Spears - 16 yo sister of Britney - is, as some blogs would call it, sperminated.

It's ok, y'all, because apparently her boyfriend has been living with them for a while now. Because that's reassuring.

I know I have advocated both Juno and Knocked Up, two films about unplanned pregnancy. I know that sometimes these things happen. They've happened to people I know. I just hoped that J-L would have looked at the unfortunate trainwreck that has become her older sister, and taken strides toward a better life.

We can always hope that she is, at 16, more responsible than Brit.

The most funny thing that happened as we were discussing this at work just now, was that I was all "Everyone is going to have a baby before me!" And while some were like "set your sights of comparison higher than Jamie-Lynn Spears," Jon had more insight. "If Lynn Spears was your mom you'd have like 5 kids by now." Ok, so he didn't know Lynn's name and instead referred to her as a "bad whitetrash mom" same difference...

So, in closing, Congratulations Jamie Lynn!

Oh, ps, I do think you'll probably have to find a new job. Teenage pregnancy on Nickelodeon? You can't do that on television.

This just in from TMZ...Britney doesn't know yet and Nickelodeon has issued a statement.

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Laurie Lou said...

Do you remember the show "you can't do that on televison" that brings back memories...LOL