Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I do think this could affect tea.

I watched "Shut Up and Sing" again today. Mostly because I love it.

It's going to be in the 20s and 30s in the LA area tonight. I realize a large part of the country - including the part where I'm from - is iced over, but for us, this is chilly. Which makes the fact that Target already has a healthy swimsuit selection on display all the more weird. Yet another one of those "only in LA" kind of things. I guess more odd is the fact that I looked at them, picked one out, but have to buy it online because they're already out of my size at the store. I need sweaters for Sundance, and while they're easier to try on, they're not as fun to look at.

I saw Persepolis tonight. Mostly because everybody is loving it and it's proving to be competition in the Foreign Film category for Once. It's an animated French movie about an Iranian girl growing up in war-torn Tehran. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. Thumbs up for the story and the art. It did feel long despite it's hour and a half length, but it's good. Better than Once? I dunno about that. They're two completely different movies.

I'll briefly mention the fact that I'm excited(?) "The Hills" is in Paris now. You know, just because I love seeing that city. I know I'll wish I had smell-o-vision capabilities the first time she walks by a crepe stand. I wonder if a Nutella crepe is still 3E.

Because I'm all about movies 24-7, I've also seen Run Fat Boy Run this week. Here are the quotes I gave publicity:

"Run, don’t walk, to see this heartfelt tale of endurance, love, and enough laughs to carry you past the finish line."

"Never have blood sweat and tears been so funny."

I'm cheesy and you love it, but seriously, that's how you get your name and one-liner on an advertisement!! I did think the movie was cute and there are several lol moments. Unfortunately the release date has been pushed to the end of March, so I'll try to remind you about it then.

Today is the last day of Hanukkah. I'll miss seeing the cars and SUVs adorned with huge menorrahs traversing my neighborhood streets.

In the words of Petey Green "Be cool y'all!" (Is it just me or does that kinda sound like Britney?) Anyway Petey is the DC dj that the movie "Talk to Me" is based on. I liked the movie. I got ripple-effect chills when Don Cheadle went on air after MLK jr was assassinated. "Moving."

PS "Zodiac" is also a worthy rental.

PPS Tomorrow I'm spending the day with Louis Gossett jr. My goals are to get him to say "mayonnaise" and "only 2 things come outta Oklahoma...and I don't see no horns!" I think the second one will be harder to come by seeing as how the first one could easily happen at lunch or something. I'm also seeing "The Bucket List" so that I can talk to Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman on Sunday. My life is weird.

PPPS If you haven't yet, look what I can do.

That's enough.

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