Friday, December 21, 2007

...And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

In less than two hours my shuttle will be here to pick me up so that I can participate in the holiday madness airport extravaganza that is LAX today. I can hardly wait. Unfortunately I've just received word that several family members are falling - or have fallen - ill from a nasty virus. Being that the next four days are exclusively one family event after another, I'm a wee bummed. I'm praying everyone's miraculously better in a matter of hours.

This week I saw Sweeney Todd. And liked it. I'm not a gorey girl, and I had never seen the stage version, but I'm pretty sure the visuals (which were stunning) could only come from the mind of Tim Burton. I used my scarf (actually Presley's scarf) to cover the bottom half of the screen during the throat slits, and did surprisingly well. I've listened to the soundtrack since, and enjoy it still. Helena Bonham Carter impressed me, and well, I'm not a crazy Johnny Depp fan, but I liked him in this like I liked Edward Scissorhands. Apparently Johnny likes to wear white face and cut people's hair and throats and stuff. Best Picture? I don't think so. I don't think it's that type of movie, but definitely enjoyable. Not suitable for children.

I helped my friends out yesterday on their basement remodel for the HGTV show Carter Can. Unfortunately none of my work was done on camera. I helped paint an entire stairway and primed some columns. I also learned what "tv nice" was. That's where you paint something to make it look good on camera, and it looks really crappy in real life. At one point I offered to paint Carter's house. He declined, but offered his domicile up for partying. We told him about the whole "tv nice" concept and he was like yeah, but is it "friend nice?" We made it friend nice.

Sometimes nice people write blogs about me.

Other times I get a set of vintage tv trays and Kitchenaid mixer greeting cards from the best friends ever. (with the obligatory Paris and gnome accroutement mixed in).

And SOMETIMES acapella boy singers twist Christmas carols in way that makes you say, why haven't people always sang it like this?

Finally, a fun holiday moment had by someone else in my neighborhood.

Merry Christmas. Joyeaux Noel. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. Happy Belated Hanukkah. Happy Kwanzaa. Boxing Day Rocks.

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