Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Spoonful of Sexual Harassment

Spoon and F(S)eist were exceptionally lovely last night.

Things I especially enjoyed:

-the lights
-the colors
-the drumbeats
-the way the colored lights pulsated with the drumbeats
-the brass
-the way Feist got Feisty whilst rocking out to "Sea Lion"

Things I could have done without:

-the polar arctic chill inside the venue (Note to Gibson: It's November, turn off the ac.)
-the abrupt end to the Spoon show
-Feist ending the show with "Let it die." In memory, I've never left a concert with a hurting heart until now. Hopeless, perhaps, but never aching like this.

Yesterday we had a mandatory seminar about sexual harassment. Many of us are already good at it, but for some reason they thought we needed to learn more. The following are the notes I took to keep from falling asleep. They're more funny out of context.

intersectional harassment. time for self assessment. i'd like to interface with a person. a boy person. (that was a note to Nicole) no confidentiality guarantee, "predominantly confidential." making assumption people know what we mean or think same way we do. No "Sunshine." No "Sparkles." ANYONE is a potential harasser (MOST are unintentional). You will not get fired for complaining about a guest. Bullying isn't intimate. I'm available for direct quid pro quo. (another note to a coworker) "You scratch my back I'll scratch yours." Pervasive conduct = behavior is recurring enough that we expect it to happen. "Steeped in extreme profanity." "You're hot" is offensive, but not a hostile environment. Just because he continues to breathe does not mean it's a sexually hostile environment. Personable not personal. "I want to talk to you about you. What are you going to do about yourself?"

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