Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sometimes Oprah Pees in Your Cheerios

It's that time of year again. The time when Oprah gives tons of free schtuff to a really lucky audience. She calls it "Oprah's Favorite Things." The first thing was a handicam, which I'll admit, was cool, but nothing I can't live without. Then there were a couple of other things that I didn't get excited about. THEN the Williams Sonoma merchandise came into play. (and I'm not talking the catalog-order cupcakes). The mixing bowls were super cute. And that's about when I started a certain thought process. I looked at KDL and was like, what if, no, she couldn't possibly give away a Kitchenaid mixer.

A lil backstory. For the last 10 years or more (and I'm not exaggerating) I have wanted a mint green Kitchenaid mixer. I will not settle for anything less. It's the perfect accent to the kitchen de mes reves. My coup de grace. It might surprise you to know that despite my seemingly lack of interest in food activities, I do seriously enjoy kitchen gadgets and things you buy at Sur La Table. Long story short (too late) somewhere along the line, it was put into my head that the mint green mixer would show up at my bridal shower. Alas, I'm still waiting.

So OF COURSE the next box Oprah lifts is Kitchenaid mixers. I said something that sounded like mothertrucker. Now, at this point in my life, I could just buy the mint green Kitchenaid mixer for myself. But how anticlimatic would that be?? I didn't get it from Oprah. Or at a bridal shower. So. I don't know. I DO know that HAD I been in Macon, Georgia, and been in that audience, I would have cried like a baby when she lifted up that box. I PROBABLY would have run up on stage and gave her a hug in the middle of the taping. Pee might have been involved. (hopefully not before or during the hug)

I've gone on long enough about I'll stop now...PS Dear Oprah, You can keep your refrigerator with a built-in tv. And your Oprah Magazine collection with the "Live Your Best Life" autograph. I don't need a $300 outfit to lounge around in. But I WOULD take the United Artists DVD Collection and Scrabble table. Just sayin...

To the rest of you:

Happy Thanksgiving! Be happy! Be thankful. Gratitude. It's a beautiful thing.
Bring on Grandpa Bud's macaroni salad.

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