Friday, November 16, 2007

Prince-y Rhymes with Dempse-y

Remember when you were little and everything was so magical? Fairy tales were for real. You clapped your hands because you believed and wonderful things happened. Well, that's the feeling you get while watching the new movie "Enchanted."

Hear me out.

I can't believe nobody has ever tried to do something like this before, but I also am not sure anyone could do it as well as Disney. The movie is so fun to watch. There's humor. There's heart. GREAT performances by Amy Adams and James Marsden. And, well, I could watch Patrick Dempsey take a crap and be entertained. Ew, wait, on second thought...probably not, but still, you get the picture. Think more "Can't Buy Me Love," less "Sweet Home Alabama."

It also helped that I saw the movie in the historic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. The setting was mesmerizing. The pipe organist entertained us with Disney favorites before the show. We were sitting in the balcony, and it really was the whole experience that made for a enjoyable night. When "The End" came across the screen practically the entire audience was clapping like a bunch of giddy little girls. I bounded down the stairs of the theater and out into the night.

If you've ever been in that area at night you know it's all lit up, not quite as much as Times Square, but I wasn't the only one who exclaimed upon my exit "This is how she must have felt!" You were just flooded with a sense of wonderment. It was enhanced of course by a castle facade at the corner and the remnants of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show red carpet across the street at the Kodak, but still.

So in conclusion, yay "Enchanted!"

Oh and I really want this Elie Tahari dress right now:

Finally, here's a trailer for P.S. I Love You. P.S. If I liked Hilary Swank, there'd be snot bubbles. I do love me some Harry Connick Jr. and Jeffrey Dean Morgan tho. Not to mention Irish countryside. So maybe there's hope for it yet.

P.P.S. In looking for that Elie Tahari dress, I found that Elie Tahari makes a "maryanne" dress. That's fun. If it wasn't $300 on sale I would think about it. That being said if the dress above that I love was called "maryanne" I would buy it because that would be like a neon sign.

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meephan said...

So I sat behind Mr. Dempsey on a plane last night.

Patrick (signature not repeating his name)