Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Kids Eat Paste, I Read It

Paste Mag released its list of the Best Films of 2007, and I'm pretty much in agreeance with them.

Bold means I've seen it.
Red means it's on my netflix or has arrived and I just haven't watched it yet.

1. Juno [Jason Reitman]
2. Once [John Carney]
3. Eastern Promises [David Cronenberg]
4. Away From Her [Sarah Polley]
5. Margot at the Wedding [Noah Baumbach]
6. Michael Clayton [Tony Gilroy]
7. The Wind That Shakes the Barley [Ken Loach]
8. No Country for Old Men [Joel and Ethan Coen]
9. The Kite Runner [Marc Forster]
10. Syndromes and a Century [Apichatpong "Joe" Weerasethakul]
11. Ratatouille [Brad Bird]
12. Ten Canoes [Rolf de Heer/Peter Djigirr]
13. Great World of Sound [Craig Zobel]
14. Ghosts of Cité Soleil [Asger Leth/Milos Loncarevic]
15. Offside [Jafar Panahi]
16. My Kid Could Paint That [Amir Bar-Lev]
17. 2 Days in Paris [Julie Delpy]
18. Waitress [Adrienne Shelly]
19. Manufactured Landscapes [Jennifer Baichwal]
20. The King of Kong [Seth Gordon]
21. Sunshine [Danny Boyle]
22. This is England [Shane Meadows]
23. Knocked Up [Judd Apatow]
24. Hanna Takes the Stairs [Joe Swanberg]
25. Bella [Alejandro Gomez Monteverde]
26. The Darjeeling Limited [Wes Anderson]
27. Grindhouse [Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez]
28. Paris, Je T'aime [Various Directors]
29. God Grew Tired of Us [Christopher Dillon Quinn]
30. No End in Sight [Charles Ferguson]
31. The Bourne Ultimatum [Paul Greengrass]
32. Hot Fuzz [Edgar Wright]
33. 3:10 to Yuma [James Mangold]
34. Year of the Dog [Mike White]
35. The Simpsons Movie [David Silverman]
36. Hairspray [Adam Shankman]
37. Sicko [Michael Moore]
38. Rescue Dawn [Werner Herzog]
39. The Short Life of José Antonio Guitierrez [Heidi Specogna]
40. Forever [Heddy Honigmann]
41. Persepolis [Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud]
42. Talk to Me [Kasi Lemmons]
43. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead [Sidney Lumet]
44. Superbad [Greg Mottola]
45. Zodiac [David Fincher]
46. The Savages [Tamara Jenkins]
47. Rocket Science [Jeffrey Blitz]
48. The Signal [David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry]
49. The Lookout [Scott Frank]
50. American Gangster [Ridley Scott]

Luckily I live in LA and can still see (or see a screening of) Michael Clayton, The Kite Runner (been there, did that, worked the red carpet!), 3:10 to Yuma, Persepolis, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, The Savages, The Signal and American Gangster in the theater.

Tonight the Academy is screening ET (as in the extra-terrestrial), and since I just pitched a story on Spielberg, I've been selected to cover the event. Reason it's exciting? ET is one of the first movies I remember seeing on a big screen. It was at a drive-in. In Missouri. How quaint. I've asked to get into the screening portion of this evening's event. I hope they serve Reese's piece. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Steven or Drew will be there.

Finally, I went to the dentist last night. Good news is no cavities. Bad news is, I'm grinding my teeth at night. Superbad. I've probably always done it, but now my teeth (in the back) are wearing down more and more, and I'm showing the beginning signs of TMJ. I know, right? FUN. Anywho, the solution? A nightguard. My reaction to the dentist? That's sexy. I wish this blogger thing had an audio feature so you could hear me say "holdsch on whilse I put in my nightschguard." I'm sure the boys will come a-runnin.

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