Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Day in the Life

I'm watching Eat Pray Love.
I read the book several years ago. I loved it. I related.

The thing is, I can go to Target and see couples and remember what that felt like and miss it, but then I look at life now. I'm prepping to go to Africa for 5 weeks. I didn't have to ask anyone's permission. Get anyone's opinion. Justify the trip. Explain that I need to do this for me. Have someone feel like I didn't care enough about him because I didn't invite him. Except for my boss, I didn't really even need to schedule it with anyone.

(I'll have friends in tow, so it's not like I'm venturing off alone a la Elizabeth Gilbert.)

One day I'll be in a long-term couple again. And I'll be excited. And we'll go to Target. But for now this is my life. And it fits. I have to take advantage of the lifestyle that I've become accustomed to. And crave. To a fault? Perhaps.

I just got my taxes done. And once again I was penalized for being a successful single person with no kids or mortgage. I refuse to get in over my head with a mortgage. Truth be told, I have issues signing a one-year lease, so I'm not sure I'm at the point to even contemplate a 30-year mortgage. But I'm saving for it, and one day when that time comes, there will be someone watching my episode of House Hunters who says "What a great down payment!" My thing is, I don't want to be house poor. And I don't want to buy what is essentially an apartment, but is called a condo. And I for SURE don't wanna settle. On anything. Or anyone.

Real estate in LA is crazy. Especially in the neighborhoods I would want to live. And how long will I be here? Is there any way to know? Luckily, I don't currently have to worry about it. So I won't.

The weather is doing a perfect little thing lately. Beautiful sun one day. Rain/sometimes with thunder the next. That means the sky is blue and clear on the sunny days. The mountains within view have snow on them.

I have yet to get very far on my to-do list for while I only have one job. I just got my gma's sewing machine fixed, so the sewing should commence soon. I didn't hike as much this past week as in previous week, (I like to blame the intermittent weather), but I'll get back into it. A visiting friend this coming weekend means cleaning and (gasp!) baking will happen this week. I'm reading Nelson Mandela's autobiography in preps for my South African journey. It's 625 pages, so that should keep me busy. I haven't been writing enough, and I have no good excuse. I have multiple ideas. I want to finish the screenplay. The spec. The tv show idea that started as a joke, but now has legs and possibility...Just need to get better at scheduling and discipline I guess.

I've been watching a lot of Oprah. I love her BTS show more than the actual show. But she's big into meditation/quiet time and now watching Eat Pray Love, I'm reminded of its importance. So I'll leave you with this.

Start with two minutes. Work up from there.

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