Monday, July 26, 2010

Save the Date

Because I've just proposed to my heating pad.
I love nature's little surprises!!
It's confusing when you're hot temperature-wise yet require the use of a heating pad.

In other news, Jon Hamm was written on my Bachelorette cast list in invisible ink. That's clearly why you didn't see it there. I mean, why would his name not be among the others? He's my neighbor. We've had one on one convos before. He's funny as all get out and

In other other news, I randomly saw Elijah Wood the other day at work. I say randomly because I was standing there talking to a coworker when I felt someone looking at me so I looked over and there he was standing next to a tree smoking. I said "Oh, hi!" and then continued my convo. Elijah Wood is not on my Bachelorette cast list.

I'm excited to be hurriedly planning a 40 hour trip to NYC. 40 hours is crazy, I know, but it's what I do. I mean, remember when I flew to Ireland for like 4 days for a concert? These things happen and spice up life.

I've decided if I'm gonna be there, perhaps I should catch a Broadway show as well. (I'm going to see Trust, which is an off-Broadway play ZB is starring in.) I'm thinking Mary Poppins or Avenue Q. That being said, I haven't looked to see what's playing, so maybe something else will strike my fancy. Excited to see some familiar faces too.

Mondays and Tuesdays are my dayside days off. I'm in serious need of a sleep-in so the timing couldn't be better. As a matter of fact that always seems to happen. I get through the double days fine, but definitely end up tired. Sundays are my Fridays/Mondays. Wednesdays are my Thursdays/Mondays. It sounds confusing, but it works. Especially on pay day.

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