Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fighting Dragons

So I'm still listening to The Civil Wars, and I'm excited to say I'll be seeing them play at my favorite local venue soon, but they're not the only music keeping me entertained.

Taylor Swift. Speak Now. It's the only thing I listen to in my car. And I listen to it REALLY loud. Weather permitting, with windows/sunroof open. Life is universal and has me relating to a 20 year old who has a wonderful way with words. I don't care what people say, I know I'm not the only one, and I've converted at least one person.

Joshua Radin. The Rock and The Tide. Great hiking music. Great anything music. Give me road to ride on and I'll come and see you in concert.

Mumford & Sons. So bummed I missed them when they played a sold out show here a few weeks ago. Because I super enjoy the way their music fills the air of my lil bungalow while I attempt to task it up in the mornings or on my days off.

Movies. I don't see nearly the number I once did. Long gone are the days of 6 screening weeks. But I have seen some good ones recently.

Mother and Child. I was lucky enough to have a friend with a screener as I somehow missed this in theaters. I liked it. The movie stars Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, and Kerry Washington, and follows their respective stories of adoption. Great performances and it ended with a Lucy Schwartz song...which is never a bad thing. Six months ago I would have had a very different perspective, but I'm glad that I waited. So I guess "missing" the movie in theaters was a blessing in disguise.

Blue Valentine. If you're my facebook friend, you know I loved it. It's exactly the reason I love independent film. The music. The acting. The story. The heart. I'm so afraid of overselling this movie that I don't feel like I can keep talking about it.

127 Hours. Impressive. James Franco. Aron Ralston. I still say I would have banged my head really hard against a rock if I were to ever find myself in the same situation. The strength and heart Aron exhibited in that astonishing and heroic moment is brought to life with beauty and talent. Danny Boyle knows what he's doing, but James Franco isn't overshadowed by the filmmaking...Dare I use the word "brilliant"... And you know what else? It made me wanna go on a hike. We've got a beautiful country and the scenery reminded me of Red Rock and Valley of Fire hikes. Rock scrambling. Good times.

I'm super excited to see Morning Glory. I love Rachel McAdams and I've worked in a newsroom. Win win, right?

On my nightstand (which is actually an antique child's desk, but still...):

A Gate at the Stairs: Lorrie Moore. I'm not in a book club, but my neighbor is. One day when I maybe only have one job and more free time, I'll be able to be in one again too...Until then, I'll read the books that other book clubs talk about...

I'm about 3/4 in...and have enjoyed it. It's been pretty quick but not super chick lit...which is a pretty perfect kind of book to read in bed.

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